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Fernando Pessoa

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Blog Hop with some special friends!

Good Morning!
My friend Agnieszka invited me for a very fun blog hop! It's a great opportunity to meet new scrappers or to know a little bit more about us!
I met Agnieszka at Inkido Design Team and now we are together at Scrap Around the World, and we started a new friendship, because she's a very talented and sweet person! It's a pleasure to have her as my friend!

So, let's start with some questions to know me well!

1. What are you working on right now?
     I usually have a schedule to follow, because of my DTs compromisses. Now I'm working at a class that I will do at Papel de Papel Jardim, a local scrap shop here in Londrina, where I live!

2.  When and how did you start papercrafting?
I met scrapbooking near 2007. I did some classes, but I was pregnant, and When I gave birth, it was impossible to scrap! In 2010, I really started papercrafting, professionally. teaching at Papel de Papel Jardim, searching and learning about scrapbooking! 

3.  What do you like to make an how does your creative process work?
I really like to make Layouts and Mini Albuns! They are my passion. But I like so much to work with altered and I'm starting at Mixed Media World, in fact, I'm trying to learn more about inks and gesso!!!

4.  How do I stay inspired?
I have two sweet beautiful daughters! They are my real inspiration, for sure! But I like to get inspired by poems (I'm a literature teacher!), by music, beautiful sketches, quotes and photos... If you are a happy person, life is your inspiration!!!

5.  Where do you work on your projects?
I have a very small scraproom, but it is in front of my dining room, which is very big! So, if I need more space I spread myself in the whole house, of course my husband complains a lot, but he has to accept!!!

I organize my papers in brands...

My dining room and the scraproom behind!

The rules of the hop:

It's time for me to tag three friends! They will post at their blogs next Sunday, so you can visit and know more about them!!!

* She is one of my best friends, she is kind, lovely and very talented! I love her projects and we have the pleasure to work together at Zarza Laser DT. You will love to meet her and her romantic style... Please, visit Naira Cicília.

* I have the honnor to work with this talented scrapper! She has a unique style and I love everything she does! She is an amazing person, and everytime I need, she has great ideas for our scrapworld! Please, visit Rosangela Miqueletto.

* And now you will meet a sweet young lady, that lives in a city near mine, but we never met (we are virtual friends only!). She is very talented, her projects are inspiring, full of happiness, and she has a beautiful dog ("he" is always in her pages!) that I really want to play with when we meet! Please, visit Aline Marengo.

Thanks so much for your visit and for your love! Thanks Agnieska for your sweet words on your blog!
Have a great Sunday!!!


  1. Loved the invitation to play with you and loved to know a little more about special much a friend!
    Love the work of Agnieszka which is wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much, Ro! It's a plesure to have you here!

  2. Amiga, adorei o convite! :p
    Muito obrigada pelo carinho de sempre!
    O seu projeto está um luxo, vc dá show!!!

    1. Amiga linda! Te adoro, viu! Você é um dos presentes que o scrap me deu! Beijos no coração!

  3. Que legal!!!!
    Adorei conhecer seu cantinho... Adoro seus projetos... São sempre tão românticos e delicados!

  4. Amo teus trabalhos, mas não conhecia tua organização, nossa tudo no lugar....Adorei.


Olá! Sejam todos muito bem vindos no meu cantinho. Fico sempre muito feliz com as palavras carinhosas de vocês! Muito obrigada... e muita paz no coração!